Beachflag or bowflag systems are currently the most popular promotional tools on the market. The beginnings go back to Australia where they were used to mark the beaches where surfing was permitted. Nowadays they are used as a promotion on the outer and inner terrain. They are portable, foldable and offer the option of multiple flag forms for which you can use a type frame. Due to their practicality, they have become an almost indispensable element of the promotion of companies. We offer four sizes and within each size, five other flags:

  • Drop
  • Straight bottom edge
  • Angular bottom edge
  • Convex bottom edge
  • Concave bottom edge
  • Pedestals: Depending on the base where the beachflag system will stand, we advise on the type of pedestal. We offer crosses, drills, bars, weight bags, spring pads, floorboards of several sizes, etc.