Machinery and Equipment

Graphic design and planning:

  • Appropriate computer and hardware equipment, 11 computers
  • CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Auto Cad, Solid Works programmes

Digital printing:

  • Mimaki UJV 55-320 printer, width 320 cm
  • Mimaki Textile Jet TX2-1600 printer, width 160 cm
  • Mutoh Value Jet 1614 printer, width 160 cm

Foil Cutting:

  • Summa D120 cutter, width 123 cm


  • Laminator, width 163 cm

CNC cutting of non-ferrous metals, composites and Pvc materials:

  • CNC cutter, MecaNumeric PRO 3020

Cutting of sheet metal:

  • CNC machine scissors, Profis HS 300/5

Curving of sheet metal:

  • CNC curving machine, Profi RS 630/30, 63t

Angular punching machine:

  • Angular punching machine, Comaca SH 200/4

Format circular saw:

  • Format circular saw, dimensions 300 × 200 cm

Circular saw:

  • Circular saw, Electroly 619

Cutting machine – milling machine:

  • Milling machine, MiniMax T400 I

Manual welding:

  • MIG-MAG of metal materials, welding machine manufacturer Lincoln 305C
  • MIG-MAG alu materials, welding machine manufacturer Fronius Transplus 2700
  • MIG-MAG alu materials, welding machine manufacturer Lincoln 305C
  • MIG-MAG stainless steel materials, welding machine manufacturer Varstroj Varmig 230
  • TIG welding of inox materials, welding machine manufacturer Fronius Magic Wave 2000
  • MMA welding, inverter welding machine manufacturer Stel Plus 1600

Profile Cutting:

  • Belt saw, Pegas 220X250 GH-R

Curving of profiles, tubes and full material:

  • Curving machine RBM 50

Profile drilling:

  • Drilling machine, 2 pcs

Turning of profiles and full material:

  • Plane, Prvomajska TES-1/1500

Screw compressor:

  • Screw compressor, Atlas Copco GX7

Sewing machines:

Sewing machines, 4 pieces