Graphic design and planning

Our graphic designers work closely with project leaders in the process of designing, forming and finalizing the inscription, which is why we are developing various concepts and approaches that we present to the clients in a personal and transparent computer graphics template.

Once upon a time…
Our family business has been manufacturing light-inscriptions for more than 25 years. Then and before, we used to prepare graphical templates for the production of characters manually. The logos were projected onto large surfaces, outlined and then cut out by hand with a template, which served as the basis for the realization of self-standing Plexiglas letters from one piece.

Creative solutions and 2D or 3D visualization are compiled by our experienced graphic designers who are well acquainted with the machining techniques of various materials. Together with project leaders, they co-operate in the process of creating a new and unique advertising inscription, co-created with other colleagues in our company. With the right choice of materials and consideration of cost optimization, we can meet all the wishes and needs of even the most demanding clients.

Examples of graphic suggestions: