Light cassettes

Light cassette is the term used to tag box advertising with internal illumination. We manufacture one-sided or bilateral light cassettes.

A light cassette case is usually made of Alu profiles and sheet metal and can be painted in different shades according to RAL colour scale. For the forehead of the cassette, we usually use Plexiglas or canvas. For cassette lighting, we use mainly energy-saving and high quality LED Samsung modules.

Light cassettes can be extremely effective both inside buildings as well as on external facades. With the appropriate shape, colour and lighting they will be even more visible and also visible at first glance.

  • CASSETTES ON PLEXIGLAS (smaller dimensions)
  • STANDARD PROFILES CASSETTES (H-profile, C-profile)
  • CASSETTES OF IRREGULAR SHAPES (CNC form cut of a cassette)
  • SERIAL CASSETTES (repeated cassettes with digital printing or screen printing)