Notice is a term used to mark advertisements with the installation perpendicular to the wall, stand-alone on one foot. A notice can also hang from the ceiling. Notices may be luminous or non-luminous and of any shape. At this point, it should be mentioned that the attachment consoles can be of different shapes and sizes, and we also produce artificially forged consoles.

The casing of the notice is usually made from stainless materials and can be painted in different shades according to the RAL colour scale. For the forehead, we most often use Plexiglas, canvas or aluminium, and cut out certain segments, thus illuminating the very essence on the notice. For the lighting, we use energy-saving LED Samsung modules.

Notices can be extremely effective both inside the buildings as well as on external facades. With a proper shape, colour and lighting, they will become even more visible and also visible at first glance.