Totems, pylons or columns

Marking totems, pylons, columns or towers – these are terms used to indicate high, slim advertising signs. These magnificent messengers denote, communicate and direct wherever they appear. They always attract the looks of customers and can transfer the promotional messages quickly and efficiently from a greater distance.

We offer light, non-luminous, external or internal totems, pylons or columns. For you, we prepare a graphic template, which makes it easier to decide what your totem will look like. Together we find the most suitable shape, materials and method of execution.

In so far as you have your own graphic templates for marking totems, we will use those and make a quality, unique totem at an affordable price.

To illuminate the totems, you can choose between high quality LED Samsung indoor lighting modules, or LED reflectors, which illuminate from the outside. There are many options and combinations, so each of our totems is a unique work.