Decree on light pollution

Notice on the Regulation on Limit Values of Light Environmental Pollution

In accordance with the new Regulation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 81/2007), it is necessary to adapt the already existing light features to the legally determined limits of light pollution. For the illumination of advertising surfaces, the Regulation determines the limit of electric power.

Maximum power of light advertising boards
Promotional boards size Alowed maximum power (W/m²)
to 2 m² 80
from 2 m² to 3,5 m² 60
from 3,5 m² to 12,5 m² 35
from 12,5 m² to 18,5 m² 27
above 18,5 m² 17

Austausch von unangemessen beleuchteten Werbeschildern

LED bulbs meet the high standards required and are the best solution to reduce light pollution of advertisements because, due to their excellent properties, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced and, in comparison with other light sources, electricity consumption is reduced from 50 to 80 per cent. LEDs only use electricity to create light and do not heat up. With the same amount of energy consumed with LED lamps, we achieve eight times the luminous intensity without harmful releases into the environment.

Fluorescent lighting is therefore no longer suitable for exterior lighting features since according to the Regulation, this type of lighting causes light pollution due to excessive power consumption (from 130 to 170 W / m²).

The advantage of LED bulbs is not only in the saving of electricity, but also in their long life (10 years) and the associated lower maintenance costs, since it is not necessary to change the worn-out lights every year, and the warranty period is longer (3-5 years). Despite the higher price of LED bulbs, users will be able to detect energy saving after only a year.

Before the inspector visits you

You can easily calculate the saving in the use of LED lamps on your light advertising signs in Vidaflag. Call us, we will advise you and arrange for appropriate timeframes for replacing legally inadequate light advertisements!